The "Dutch Career Experience" is especially for international EU students who want to gain experience in the Netherlands. This can be done by means of scholarships of e.g. Erasmus and Erasmus+.

During your studies, you gain a lot of theoretical knowledge that is very useful for your career. With the project: "Dutch Career Experience" we help you to gain essential work experience in laboratories and technical companies in the Netherlands, so that you also become very competitive on international labour markets. You will learn about these companies, the way they work and you will have the opportunity to work with different techniques. You can also add international work experience to your CV, which is certainly beneficial when applying for a job anywhere in the EU!

This will not be a normal internship with a thesis, a project and a conclusion. It will be about real daily work routine. You will learn what to expect, how the equipment works and how the companies are organised. This means that you do your job like their permanent employees do. Of course there will be more time to guide you and learn about the work and the equipment. For these internships we are currently working together with large (inter)national companies.

The internships can start all year round and last from 6 to 12 months. We take care of your accommodation, transport to your daily work and health and liability insurance. We also arrange airline tickets to the Netherlands and back. During your internship, ScientiQ will provide sufficient guidance and evaluations.

Interested? Send your Europass CV and motivation letter in English to We will respond as soon as possible.