Being constantly innovative and inspiring. That's what ScientiQ Staffing stands for. We offer you cross-border opportunities to attract high-quality and highly skilled personnel. How? By means of a personal approach that is fully in line with your wishes and requirements.

Personal contact is central not only during the recruitment procedure, but also during the period of secondment. Our services include more than making the right match. By monitoring and following both the candidate and your company, we can successfully complement each other in tracing training needs, responding to current developments, managing the candidate, etc.

At ScientiQ Staffing you always have one permanent contact. An advisor who is fully aware of your situation and monitors the entire secondment process. From the application to the final secondment, but also the supervision afterwards. In this way you can do business in a short and concise way, without having to explain your story over and over again. In addition, we are happy to contribute to your strategic objectives and staffing needs in both the short and long term.

Recruiting staff is a tailor-made job. Not only when it comes to deploying the right people, but also when it comes to filling in the specific form of contract. Which contract is preferable depends mainly on your objectives. And they can differ from one situation to the next. You can think of setting up a learning and working trajectory for your employees or the personal guidance and further training of one specific employee. Would you like to recruit staff by means of recruitment and selection, internships, secondment or secondment? ScientiQ can provide you with detailed information about the right form for your situation.